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Dianna Agron And Thomas Haden Church Explore Oregon Wilderness In ‘Acidman’ Trailer

Feature is directed by Meet Cute filmmaker Alex Lehmann.

Being a city slicker who rarely ventures in my own backyard, I am a sucker for life in the outdoors flicks. Acidman features Dianna Agron and Thomas Haden Church playing daughter and dad trying to reconnect. Count me in for this movie, which comes out in March.

Directed by Alex Lehmann, Acidman centers on a woman named Maggie (Dianna Agron) who reconnects with her estranged dad Lloyd (Thomas Haden Church) in the Oregon wilderness. Lloyd, who assumedly has been living off the grid for years, is obsessed with UFOs. Maggie probably just wants to understand her father a little bit more.

Alex Lehmann, who directed and co-wrote Acidman with Chris Dowling, helmed two films that I absolutely love (Blue Jay and Paddleton). I have not seen his latest movie Meet Cute, and maybe I’ll give that one a shot before checking out Acidman.

Blue Jay and Paddleton are both intimate, character driven dramas, and I am getting a similar type vibe with Acidman. The picture hits theaters and On Demand March 31. Leave a comment below if you plan to see this movie!

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