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FYF Interview: George Gallo and Vernon Davis Talk ‘The Ritual Killer’

The crime thriller co-stars Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman.

Looking for a serial killer thriller with a bit of a twist? Find Your Film co-host Eric Holmes and I both recommend filmmaker George Gallo’s The Ritual Killer. Headlined by Cole Hauser and Morgan Freeman, the feature co-stars Vernon Davis as Randoku. Check out Holmes’ interview with Gallo and Davis in our post!

The Ritual Killer centers on Detective Boyd (Cole Hauser), a lawman who is still shaken by his daughter’s death. While tracking down a serial killer (Vernon Davis) who practices a tribal ritual known as Muti, Boyd becomes further unhinged. Morgan Freeman is Professor Mackles, an anthropologist who helps Detective Boyd understand the mindset of “the ritual killer.”

Directed by George Gallo, the picture is an engaging crime thriller that had me researching Muti after the credits rolled. The ending, placing Cole Hauser front and center, is an eyeful!!!

Check out Eric and I review The Ritual Killer on CinemAddicts:

I had no idea that Gallo was the screenwriter behind the Brian De Palma comedy Wise Guys. Eric Holmes was surprised that it was actually NFL great Vernon Davis who played the titular character.

If you want to rent/purchase The Ritual Killer, check out Just Watch. Support Find Your Film by purchasing/renting The Ritual Killer on Amazon (we’re Associates members).

Vernon Davis in “The Ritual Killer” – Screen Media

Check out Eric Holmes’ interview with George Gallo and Vernon Davis below.

If you see The Ritual Killer, leave a comment or email me your thoughts on the movie!!

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