‘Bite Size Halloween’ Interview: Natalie Metzger Terrifies With Nightmarish ‘Sleep Study’

Sleep Study is now available to stream on Hulu as part of its Bite Size Halloween series.


I have just started watching Hulu’s Bite Size Halloween (season 3), and director Natalie Metzger’s Sleep Study is an uncompromising fright tale. A loving mother (Olivia Grace Applegate) is having nightmares, and it is affecting her career and family life. She and her husband (Kevin Changaris) are parents to a newborn, so sleep for both of them is a rare thing. Find Your Film co-host Eric Holmes interviewed Metzger, and check out our video for the full discussion!

Olivia Grace Applegate in Sleep Study (20th Digital)

Sarah (Olivia Grace Applegate) is madly in love with husband Brian (Kevin Changaris), and they are juggling home life with paying the bills. The big detriment in their domesticity lies in Sarah’s sleeping problems, and she dreams of a ghoul that is terrifying her and threatening the family. Is this monster real, or is Sarah inflicted with sleep paralysis?

It is a terrifying short from writer/director Natalie Metzger, and its ability to pull no punches (as well as the short’s visually immersive approach) makes this a worthwhile (and memorable) watch.

The tale’s first rate story parallels Metzger’s day job as a VP of Production and Development at Vanishing Angle. Over her career, she has produced such first rate films as Werewolves Within and Thunder Road. Hopefully directing will continue to be a passion and focus for Metzger, as her unflinching take on storytelling is something I appreciate.

Check out Eric’s interview below and tell us your thoughts on Sleep Study, which is now streaming on Bite Size Halloween (season 3) on Hulu!!

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