CinemAddicts 207: A Million Miles Away, Marisol, Outlaw Johnny Black, Canary


There are a couple of excellent movies out this week so episode 207 of CinemAddicts is worth a listen. If you have Prime Video, A Million Miles Away debuts September 15. The documentary Canary and drama Marisol are also recommended. Listen to the episode in our post!

Doctor Lonnie Thompson, an explorer and paleoclimatologist, is the subject of the new documentary Canary. Thompson risked life and limb over the years to obtain ice cores from high elevations. Directors Danny O’Malley and Alex Rivest spotlight how Thompson’s unwavering determination and extensive research yielded important information about the history of our planet. Though global warming plays a big part in the project, and it is Thompson remarkable life that makes Canary a revelatory experience. We review Canary at the 21:14 mark. For more information on the documentary, go to Oscilloscope’s official website.

Doctor Lonnie Thompson, “Canary.” (Oscilloscope Laboratories)

A Million Miles Away is based on the inspiring story of José Hernández (Michael Peña), the first migrant farmworker to become an astronaut and travel to space. Peña and Rosa Salazar (playing his equally strong willed wife Adela) deliver first rate performances. The ensemble cast (including Michelle Krusiec as an influential teacher and Bobby Soto as José’s cousin Beto) are also in fine form. Both Eric and I gave the movie a five star rating and it’s pretty much a perfect film that has a high rewatchability factor. Check out A Million Miles Away when it launches globally on Prime Video September 15!

***We review A Million Miles Away at the 31:00 mark!

Michael Peña in “A Million Miles Away” (Prime Video)

Marisol centers on Marisol Riveral (Esmeralda Camargo), a first generation Mexican-American who discovers she is undocumented after being falsely accused of a crime. Directed by Kevin Abrams (I Got A Monster), Marisol is now available on VOD. Co-hosts Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes recommend the feature and I’m looking forward to checking it out.

(L-R) Ricky Catter, Esmeralda Camargo, Theo Taplitz (photo: Scott Aguayo)

Bruce and Marisol review Marisol at the 10:39 mark:

The movie I’ll be watching as soon as I finish this post is Outlaw Johnny Black since Westerns are my #1 genre. Written and directed by Michael Jai White, the narrative centers on Johnny Black’s (White) attempts to avenge the death of his father. Ensemble includes Anika Noni Rose, Erica Ash and Byron Minns. Eric Holmes gave the film a positive review and I will report back with my thoughts on the movie.

Outlaw Johnny Black hits theaters on September 15. Listen to Eric’s review of Outlaw Johnny Black at 44:59:

Eric also reviews the new Eric Roberts movie My Last Best Friend. Feature hits New York on September 15 and plays in Los Angeles September 20.

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