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CinemAddicts Reviews: ‘American Dreamer,’ ‘Night Shift,’ ‘Accidental Texan,’ ‘5lbs of Pressure’

For episode 232 of CinemAddicts, we review the new movies American Dreamer, 5lbs of Pressure, Accidental Texan, and Night Shift. Other movies reviewed include Dune: Part Two and Prince of the City. Listen to our latest episode below!

Timothée Chalamet in ‘Dune: Part Two’ (Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures)

First up is our review of Dune: Part Two. To date, the feature has made $204 million worldwide. Eric Holmes has read Dune, so he gives the most in-depth review of the critically acclaimed feature. Our Dune: Part Two review starts at 7:58:

Shirley Maclaine and Peter Dinklage in ‘American Dreamer’ (Vertical)

Based on a true story, American Dreamer centers on Phil (Peter Dinklage), a disgruntled economics professor who strikes a deal to inherit a sprawling estate from a frail widow named Astrid (Shirley MacLaine). Kim Quinn (who also produced the film), co-stars as Astrid’s daughter and Michelle Mylett is a student who has her eyes set on Phil. Matt Dillon and Danny Glover (they worked together years back on The Saint of Fort Washington) round out the ensemble. I really love this movie; the scenes between MacLaine and Dinklage really sing and the storyline is subtly resonant.

American Dreamer hits theaters and On Demand March 8.

Our American Dreamer reviews starts at 16:57:

Eric Holmes went absolutely bats**t crazy from Night Shift. All three of us gave the thriller a positive review but Eric gave the picture five stars. Phoebe Tonkin plays a woman who lands a job working the “night shift” at a desolate motel. Unfortunately her new job might expose her to a few ghosts that inhabit the area. A mysterious car is seemingly stalking her, and the motel needs its share of repairs.

Phoebe Tonkin in ‘Night Shift’ (Quiver Distribution)

The ensemble includes Lamorne Morris, Madison Hu, and Patrick Fischler. Night Shift hits select theaters and VOD March 8!

Our Night Shift review starts at 25:38:

Check out my interview with Night Shift directors Paul and Benjamin China:

Accidental Texan is a feel good movie sans the saccharine and complete with solid performances from Rudy Pankow, Thomas Haden Church, and Carrie-Anne Moss. Erwin’s (Pankow) first big acting gig blows up in his face due to a cellphone mishap. Embarassed beyond belief, he leaves the New Orleans movie set only to have his car break down in Texas.

Rudy Pankow and Thomas Haden Church in ‘Accidental Texan’ (Roadside Attractions)

Stopping at a local diner, Erwin meets a local oil driller named Merle (Thomas Haden Church) and the amiable waitress Faye (Carrie-Anne Moss). Without money to fix his car, Erwin accepts a job offer from Merle to help him on an ambitious mission. Merle is nearly bankrupt and he is relying on the college education of Erwin to bail him out of his financial mess. Directed by Mark Bristol, the movie was penned by Julie B. Denny and Cole Thompson (based on his novel Chocolate Lizards). My review of Accidental Texan begins at 42:42:

Accidental Texan hits theaters March 8. Check out my interview with Accidental Texan filmmaker Mark Bristol:

Written and directed by Phil Allocco, 5lbs of Pressure centers on Adam (Luke Evans), an ex-con returns to his old neighborhood after serving 16 years of prison. He attempts to connect with his troubled son (Rudy Pankow, who also can be seen this week in Accidental Texan) and ex-lover (Stephanie Leonidas).

Rudy Pankow and Luke Evans in ‘5lbs of Pressure’ (Lionsgate)

Rory Culkin co-stars as Mike, a low level drug dealer who is learning the crime world from his uncle (Alex Pettyfer). The narrative features several separate stories, and ultimately these lives intersect in the third act. Both Eric and I recommend this feature (Eric describes the movie as a mixture of Magnolia and The Drop). 5lbs of Pressure hits theaters, Digital and On Demand March 8.

Check out Eric’s interview with Phil Allocco for 5lbs of Pressure:

Our review of 5lbs of Pressure starts at 37:15:

For this week’s “What’s in the Box,” Bruce Purkey and Eric review director Sidney Lumet’s Prince of the City.

Check out our review of Prince of the City on 46:27:

Let us know your thoughts on these movies once you see them by commenting below!

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