Find Your Film Spotlight: Brian De Palma

On October 5, 2020, we recored an episode on director Brian De Palma. We discussed his films Femme Fatale and Raising Cain on the show. This post features archival and updated material on Brian De Palma, so please dive in!

My Raising Cain and Femme Fatale DVDs plus a Raising Cain Glass courtesy of Pour Decisions By Carol!!

November 11, 2020: Eric Holmes wonders if there is a De Palma verse in Brian De Palma’s work:

November 11, 2020: On The Empire Film Podcast, Brian De Palma’s films are ranked. The #1 film was The Untouchables, which is definitely not my favorite. That said, it’s hard to argue the choice, as it’s pretty much a perfect film. The picture was penned by David Mamet, who we’ve also spotlighted on the show:

November 11, 2020: My favorite Brian De Palma film is Raising Cain. That said, I think his best film, which combines mainstream storytelling elements with his own obsessions, is Blow Out.
John Travolta and Nancy Allen in “Blow Out” (Courtesy of Criterion Collection)