Flick City 91: ‘Due Justice,’ Javier Reyna, ‘Liberty,’ Phil De Witte, Nicholas Michael McGovern


CinemAddicts co-host Eric Holmes has two pairs of interviews for movies he recommends. First up is Due Justice writer/director Javier Reyna. Holmes closes out the episode with Liberty filmmaker Phil De Witte and actor Nicholas Michael McGovern. Check out the full interviews below!

Written and directed by Javier Reyna (Regionrat), Due Justice centers on Max (Kellan Lutz), a former Marine whose wife and daughter are murdered. Consumed by grief, Max embarks on a laser focused mission to seek revenge on their killers. Due Justice was released in theaters November 24 and is now available On Demand and Digital.

The ensemble includes Efren Ramirez and Jeff Fahey. Check out the YouTube and podcast version (interview starts at 7:36) with Reyna:

Liberty centers on a park guide named Matthew (Nicholas Michael McGovern) who takes six strangers captive and treats them like caged animals. Matthew is attempting to spotlight’s humanity’s mistreatment of animals and Mother Nature. Podcast interview with director Phil De Witte and actor Nicholas Michael McGovern starts at 23:16.

“Liberty” (Gravitas Ventures)

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