CinemAddicts 209: Flora And Son, Deliver Us, Rebel, Uncharitable, No One Will Save You


This week on CinemAddicts we review the new films Flora and Son, Deliver Us, Uncharitable, No One Will Save You, The Re-Education of Molly Singer and Rebel. Information on each of the movies are in our post along with episode 209!!

Directed and written by John Carney (Once, Begin Again), Flora and Son centers on a single mother (Eve Hewson) who bonds with her troubled son (Orén Kinlan) through music. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the online teacher (he lives in California’s rustic Topanga Canyon) who gives Flora (Hewson) insightful guitar lessons. Jack Reynor, who previously worked (in memorable fashion) with Carney on Sing Street. And like Sing Street, Flora and Son is set in Dublin.

Music’s power to heal and connect is a huge part of Carney’s work, and that tried and true formula powers Flora and Son. Hewson delivers a knockout performance as Flora, a woman who is determined to live her best life though she feels a bit burdened by being a mother. All three of us recommend the feature, which hits Apple TV Plus on September 29.

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Eric Holmes gives a strong recommend to Deliver Us, the story of a nun (Maria Vera Ratti) who believes she is giving birth to twin boys. One of the babies will be the Anti-Christ and the other one is the Messia. Lee Roy Kunz, who plays a priest who may have a deep connection to the nun, co-directed (with Cru Ennis) and co-wrote (Kane Kunz) the feature. Alexander Siddig co-stars as a Cardinal who helps the priest protect the nun and the babies.

Although the movie didn’t fully grab me, I was impressed by its production design and visual compositions. This is a very good looking film with solid acting, and I gave the movie a mild recommendation (three stars). Eric loved Deliver Us and “delivered” a four star rating.

Opening in select Los Angeles theaters on September 29, Uncharitable is a documentary that is based on Dan Pallotta’s book Uncharitable. This was a very value added experience, as it spotlights the misconceptions behind non-profit organizations and the necessity to understand how they can truly scale up their reach and increase success. TED Ceo Chris Anderson, Dan Pallotta, former Wounded Warrior Project CEO Steve Nardizzi, and Crowdrise founder (and actor) Edward Norton are among the interviewees.

The Re-Education of Molly Singer centers on Molly (Britt Robertson), an about to be fired lawyer who parties a bit too much. Molly’s boss Brenda (Jaime Pressly) tells Molly to re-enroll at her old alma mater to befriend Brenda’s socially awkward son (Ty Simpkins). If she helps the college kid become a social butterfly, Molly’s job might be saved. Nico Santos co-stars as her best friend who helps in the party like a rock star quest. Eric Holmes recommends this comedy, which hits theaters, Digital and On Demand September 29.

Rebel and No One Will Save You have already been out for a week. Eric and Bruce talk about the brilliance of Rebel. No One Will Save You is no slouch either, as all of us really love that movie. Both films are worth a look!!

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