‘Shark Bait’ Trailer: Spring Breakers Are In Deep Water Trouble!

Directed by James Nunn and starring Holly Earl, Shark Bait hits theaters Digital, On Demand and theaters on May 13.


We gave a glowing recommendation to director James Nunn’s One Shot several months back, so I’m hopeful for his latest feature Shark Bait. There has been talk in our CinemAddicts Facebook Group about the disappointing shark movies (The Requin, Great White, Swim) that have been coming out, but maybe Shark Bait will turn that negative tide!

Running at 87 minutes, Shark Bait centers on several spring breakers who are partying it up on Mexico’s sandy beaches. This temporary paradise goes south once they are stranded in the middle of the sea after stealing a couple of jet skis. Miles from shore, these youths realize they are in shark infested waters!

Starring Holly Earl, Jack Trueman, and Catherine Hannay, the feature hits theaters, Digital and On Demand May 13 via Vertical Entertainment.

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