‘The Engineer’ Starring Emile Hirsch Hits Blu-ray and DVD August 18


Emile Hirsch’s latest feature The Engineer hits Blu-ray DVD, and On Demand August 18. The feature, directed by Danny A. Abeckaser, co-stars Tzahi Halevi (Bethlehem).

The Engineer centers on an ex-Mossad agent named Etan (Emile Hirsch) who is tracking down the man who is responsible for a series of terrorist bombings, one of which killed a U.S. senator’s daughter. Dubbed the “Engineer,” the terrorist is being hunted down by Etan and a covert team of agents.

Emile Hirsch in “The Engineer” (Lionsgate)

Danny A. Abeckaser’s previously directing credits include Mob Town and I Love Us. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you will check out The Engineer when it hits Blu-ray, DVD and Digital August 18!

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