Find Your Film Podcast Reviews ‘Spree’ And ‘La Llorona’

Also covered is the Abel Ferrara film "Ms. 45," "The Silencing," and "Edmond"

David Arquette as Kris Kunkle and Joe Keery as Kurt Kunkle in the thriller SPREE, an RLJE Films release. Photo courtesy of RLJE Films.
On the latest Find Your Film podcast Bruce Purkey, Eric Holmes, and myself delve into Spree, a feature that’s headlined by Joe Keery (Stranger Things) and co-stars David Arquette and Saturday Night Live vets Sasheer Zamata and Kyle Mooney.
Mischa Barton as London, Lala Kent as Kendra, Frankie Grande as Richard and Joe Keery as Kurt Kunkle in the thriller SPREE, an RLJE Films release. Photo courtesy of RLJE Films.

Kurt (Joe Keery), is a 23-year-old who tries his best to be a popular influencer, but his social media efforts have been all for naught. He hatches a horribly evil plan of killing passengers who enters his car (he’s a rideshare driver for a company called Spree), but the few viewers that watch him in action don’t believe it’s real.

With the bodies piling up, Kurt may have met his match when he encounters a stand-up comedian named Jessie (Sasheer Zamata) who, unlike Kurt, has a huge following on social media. During a fateful evening, Kurt and Jessie go toe-to-toe in a showdown that is bound to get a ton of views. The feature, directed by Eugene Kotlyarenko, co-stars David Arquette as Kurt’s irresponsible DJ father.

I gave Spree a generally positive review (I had a few nitpicks but I’d recommend this thriller) and Eric Holmes liked it as well. Bruce Purkey gave it the proverbial thumbs down in his video review.

Here’s the Video Version of our Find Your Film episode:

Holmes also reviews Transformers: War For Cybertron, the Abel Ferrara flick Ms. 45, and the Stuart Gordon directed Edmond (script is penned by David Mamet). Purkey covers The Peanut Butter Falcon, La Llorona, and the Mario Bava feature Black Sabbath.

I also spotlight the feature The Silencing, a somber and cerebral thriller that stars Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Annabelle Wallis. For my interview with The Silencing director Robin Pront, check out Deepest Dream.

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