Satellite Beach Living Is “Paradise” For Lifelong Floridian

Bill Davis reflects on his time in Satellite Beach with Australia on the horizon.

Sunrise over Satellite Beach (CR: Bill Davis)
I moved to Florida in 1989, pulled from the school and friends that I had known since seventh grade. I was bitter, morose, and negative when I got here. Then things started to happen – life started to happen. I grew up, started meeting people, worked and went to a junior, made friends, and discovered the beach. Never a beach fan before but it became my safe spot; surfing, jet skiing, fishing all became the crux of my life and my essence. I went away from that life for six years; explored the world, lived on four continents, multiple countries, but home was always where the sun rose over the beach in the morning and where I could walk and collect shells in the dawn. 
Satellite Beach Sunrise (Bill Davis)

I reside in that very paradise now, an enclave called Satellite Beach. The WalGreens and Publix are within walking distance and I know the people that work there by first name. I do not know the name of the many people that I pass by on the beach every morning, but we still say hello with every encounter. I go to the beach every morning and praise the sunrise, the soaring pelicans, the terns that are scarce but always show up at the same time – and even the bin chickens. The ibises are maligned because they are smart enough to seek out food in your trash bin.

Pelican Beach Park in Satellite Beach (CR: Bill Davis)

On one occasion I caught a fledgling sea turtle scampering from its nest, dug by a dedicated mom twenty nine days before. I cheered him on and he made his way through parts never traversed by him, in search of that warm and welcoming water.  I was tempted to assist him in his quest to get to the water since the tide was rough. I declined my instincts and watched him splash into the water, as his big journey into life commenced.

Shells in Satellite Beach (CR: Bill Davis)

I am, happily, a resident of Satellite Beach and I wouldn’t have it any other way right now. The community is friendly, the police are amazing, and the beach is just a short joyous walk away. I can see launches from the Space Center, I encounter foreign tourists almost every day, and did I mention the beach?

My path takes me away from my beloved Satellite Beach in a few short months, as I make my way to Australia for a reunion with my oldest sister. This is a planned one way trip. I have decided to soar across the Pacific Ocean and remain on the Westen side of the world for good as well as the other side of the equator. I am certain that I will find some of the same passion, excitement, and love for community when I reach my destination.