‘Uncle Peckerhead’ Interviews With Matthew John Lawrence, Jeff Riddle, And David Littleton

Bruce Purkey's review of "Uncle Peckerhead" is also featured with the close to hour long interview!

One of Bruce Purkey’s passions is to interview artists whose work inspires him, and the feature Uncle Peckerhead has been getting its share of coverage on our Find Your Film podcast. Co-host Eric Holmes introduced the film to us several weeks ago and heaped a ton of praise. Purkey ran with the ball and got Uncle Peckerhead writer/director Matthew John Lawrence and actors Jeff Riddle and David Littleton for his ongoing Creator Spotlight series.

Uncle Peckerhead centers a punk rock outfit named DUH who are struggling to make ends meet as they attempt to get their music heard. When DUH’s van is repossessed hours before they embark on their first tour, bassist Judy (Chet Siegel) strikes a deal with a Peckerhead (David Littleton) to drive them in his van in exchange for some grub and gas. Rounding out the group is guitarist Max (Jeff Riddle) and drummer Mel (Ruby McCollister).

As of this post, I have not seen Uncle Peckerhead (but I will see it by our next episode this week), but Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes absolutely love this movie. The pair got me into the films of Dario Argento and Mario Bava, so I’m sure their Uncle Peckerhead recommendation is a solid one (currently it rests at a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes).

Take a listen to the latest episode of Find Your Film (Purkey briefly mentions Uncle Peckerhead on the ep, but we will be discussing more on the next show!)

Purkey also recommended that I watch the movie before I see this close to one hour video, so my advice is to check out Uncle Peckerhead (it’s available on VOD, Digital, and Blu-ray) before you start the interview! Also, here’s the spoiler free review of the flick:



If you have any thoughts/reviews on Uncle Peckerhead, please leave your comments below!!