Reiki Memories From Montauk Refreshes Spirit

Montauk Salt Caves (Montauk, NY)

Waking up on this rainy morning in Los Angeles, as I continued to social distance, I found myself extremely energized. Recently my mind has been razor sharp due to all this isolation and quality of sleeping I’ve been taking advantage of. However, even though I feel amazing… It has opened up a wave of emotions that I suppressing for the last several months.

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching, reflecting, and understanding myself inwardly. It has brought up some eye opening experiences and emotions that I was numb too. As I do most mornings, I wake up, have a cup of tea, and start off by reading or writing. I read anything that catches my eye, and write some intentions for the day. I’m shocked that during this time of isolation, I’ve been more keen on the idea of working on myself.

There is no yoga to go to where a teacher is telling me how to release and how to feel. No friends to distract me while we drink copious amounts of wine and “let some steam off.” As I drifted off this morning remembering when I discovered the art of Reiki last summer. All the memories rushed back to me and my body had an overwhelming tingling sensation. It was almost if my body was remembering the energy work and craved more.

With a warming full body sensation, I reflected on my last session at Montauk Salt Caves, located in Montauk, NY. This,small tranquil places transcended my “busy body” and centered me immediately. You’ll come out refreshed, energized, grounded, and balanced. I highly recommend checking out some form of meditation or spiritual healing during these times. 10 minutes to an hour (if you have the time). Clearing your mind and body can and has been a reset throughout the day!