CinemAddicts 205: The Good Mother, Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose, Mr. Jimmy


On CinemAddicts Episode 205 we have three movies that are coming out September 1: The Good Mother, Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose, and Mr. Jimmy. Co-host Bruce Purkey ends the program with his “What’s in the Box” review of The Kid Detective. Details on these films as well as our episode (video and audio) is up!

Simon Pegg and Minnie Driver in “Nandor Fodor and The Talking Mongoose” (Saban Films, Paramount Pictures)

Simon Pegg plays Nandor Fodor, a parapsychologist who investigates the case of a talking mongoose who lives with a family in a small town. Minnie Driver plays his assistant Anne, and she is a bit more open to the idea of Gef (aka the talking mongoose). The movie is based on real events, and I loved the offbeat nature of Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose. Eric Holmes gave the highest rating (4.5/5), I gave it four stars, and Bruce rated it 3/5.

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If Hilary Swank is starring in a movie, there is a great chance I’ll be watching. She stars with Olivia Cooke and Jack Reynor in The Good Mother, and for the most part I would recomend this family drama/thriller. Swank is an alcoholic journalist who is reeling over her son’s killing, and she enlists her other son (he’s a police officer) to solve the case. Reynor stars as the cop and dutiful son and Cooke plays the girlfriend of the son who passed. Solid performances all around, and my only gripe was the ending, though interesting, left me a tad disappointed. Though I wanted a bit more clarity by the end of The Good Mother, I would still recommend this movie (I gave it 3.5/5). Bruce and Eric was not on board with this movie, and they both gave the film 2.5/5.

Olivia Cooke and Hilary Swank in “The Good Mother” (Vertical)

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Akio Sakurai in “Mr. Jimmy” (Abramorama)

Mr. Jimmy centers on Akio Sakurai, a lifelong Jimmy Page enthusiast. He attempts to emulate Page’s musicianship, concert swagger and clothing from various concerts. Sakurai’s attention and demand for detail can be frustrating to the artisans and musicians who work with him, but his passion is inspiring. If you are a Led Zeppelin fan, there is a ton of music in this documentary. Sakurai is also an engaging personality, and I definitely recommend this documentary (4/5 stars). Bruce Purkey gave it 3.5/5, so we both enjoyed Mr. Jimmy.

The Good Mother, Nandor Fodoer and the Talking Mongoose, and Mr. Jimmy hit theaters on Friday.

Last but not least, Bruce reviews the 2020 feature The Kid Detective. Adam Brody plays Abe, a former “kid detective” who has a severe case of arrested development. Abe gets a shot at finally growing up when he is assigned to solve the murder of a young girl’s (Sophie Nélisse) boyfriend. This is, quite simply, a film that exceeded all of my expectations. Bruce loved it as well.

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