Bruce Purkey Reviews ‘The Willoughbys’ And ‘Paprika’

The Willoughbys (Netflix)
I’m very excited to be teaming up with Bruce Purkey for the new Movie Mainline podcast, but he’s also hard at work doing his own reviews on his own YouTube Channel. Check out his latest vid as he talks about The Willoughbys and Paprika.

I will probably check out The Willoughbys as Bruce Purkey gave it a favorable review and it’s very accessible (it’s streaming on Netflix). He is even more passionate about Paprika, but from what I’m gathering it’s not streaming for free on any service. He gives Paprika a 4-4.5 (out of 5) rating and maybe when my movie watching schedule clears I will give that movie a shot (or maybe purchase it on Blu-ray).

Have you seen Paprika or The Willoughbys? What are some of your favorite animated flicks? Feel free to comment below!