CinemAddicts 206: Megalomaniac, Amerikatsi, Good Boy, Memoria, Shiva Baby


Need a couple of good movies to watch this weekend in theaters. Amerikatsi and Megalomaniac, two entirely different features, are our top picks. Also included in this episode are reviews of Good Boy, Shiva Baby, and Memoria. Check out CinemAddicts, both audio and video version, below!

The horror feature Megalomaniac centers on Martha (Eline Schumacher), a young woman who is the daughter of the Belgian serial killer the Butcher of Mons. Her brother Felix (Benjamin Ramon) is also a killer, and his overpowering influence on Martha is leading to her own downward spiral.

Martha works as a janitor at a factory, and there she is sexually assaulted at work. Director Karim Oulhaj crafts a gruesome and violent feature that will probably turn off and offend certain viewers. The Butcher of Mons is a real life killer who has yet to be found, and crafting a fictional narrative around this person is debatable. 

All three of us recommend Megalomaniac, with Bruce Purkey giving the feature four stars. Eric Holmes gave it a “three star banger,” which is a rating given pictures that exceed its genre expectations. 

Megalomaniac is now playing in theaters via Dark Star Pictures and it hits digital September 26.

Michael A. Goorjian directed, wrote, and starred in Amerikatsi. The narrative centers on Charlie (Michael A. Goorjian), an Armenian who fled to the U.S. as a child. He returns to find his lost relatives in 1948, only to find his homeland is under the thumb of Soviet rule.

Unjustly thrown in to prison, Charlie finds emotional sustenance from watching the goings on of a nearby apartment. Watching through his cell window, he becomes involved in the prison guard’s life with his companion. Bruce and Eric gave this feature five stars. Picture is now playing in theaters. 

Another new feature in theaters (and it’s also available on Digital) is Good Boy, which centers on Sigrid (Katrine Lovise Opstad Fredriksen) who believes she has found Mr. Right in Christian (Gard Lokke). Things get a little complicated when she discovers he lives with a man who acts like Christian’s pet dog!

Closing out the show is Bruce reviewing two features (Shiva Baby, Memoria). Let us know if you have seen any of these movies and share your thoughts on this episode!

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