CinemAddicts 208: The Origin of Evil, It Lives Inside, My Sailor My Love, Rebel

We review several movies for the week of September 22nd on the CinemAddicts podcast.


New CinemAddicts episode is up as we cover several movies that opened today. My top recommendation of the week is My Sailor, My Love. Bruce Purkey sings the praises of The Origin of Evil, and Eric absolutely loves Rebel. Listen to our episode below via YouTube and several other podcatchers!

My Sailor, My Love centers on a widowed sailor (James Cosmo) who lives on the coast of Ireland. He falls in love with his kindhearted housekeepr (Brid Brennan), but that coupling draws the ire of his daughter Grace (Catherine Walker). Directed by Klaus Härö, the picture is a beautifully etched narrative that does not verge on saccharine or over sentimentality. Powered by excellent performances by the three leads, My Sailor, My Love is a sublime experience. Running at 103 minutes, this picture is also visually arresting thanks to its setting. Worth a total watch at your local cinema!

I have my review of My Sailor, My Love starting at 29:14:

The Origin of Evil is a twisty thriller about Stéphane (Laure Calamy), a young woman who claims she is the long abandoned daughter of a wealthy man named Serge (Jacques Weber). Though Serge welcomes her into the family, the other members are not so keen on her arrival. Co-host Bruce Purkey absolutely loves this movie, and Eric Holmes also recommended the picture. The movie is now in theaters and available On Demand.

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At the time of taping, Bruce Purkey had only seen about 40 minutes of Rebel. Eric Holmes gave the picture five stars, and since recording Bruce has seen it and he is right on board with the movie (he called it a “masterpiece). The narrative centers on Kamal (Aboubakr Bensaihi), a young man who leaves Belgium to help war victims in Syria. His younger brother Nassim (Amir El Arbi) is being influenced for radical recruiters who promise him a reunion with Kama. Lubna Azabal co-stars as their mother. The movie is now playing in New York and Los Angeles via Yellow Veil Pictures. The film is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah the directors of Bad Boys for Life. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing this movie!

In It Lives Inside Megan Suri delivers a locked in performance as Sam, a teenager who has unwittingly released a mythological demon from a jar. Her former best friend (Mohana Krishnan) warned Sam about the creature, butto no avail. Written and directed by Bishal Dutta, It Lives Inside shows how Sam, an Indian American, must reconnect with her culture to ward off this spirit. Dutta interweaves this cultural story and horror in a seamless fashion.

Bruce and I have totally different reactions to It Lives Inside. I loved it and he doesn’t recommend the movie. Let us know what you think of It Lives Inside which is now playing in theaters!

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