Five Star Banger: ‘Pleasure’ (Sofia Kappel, Dir. Ninja Thyberg)

Co-host Eric Holmes gives "Pleasure," starring newcomer Sofia Kappel, five stars. This is the first of many five star bangers!!


Find Your Film co-host Eric Holmes “really, really loves” the new feature Pleasure which is now out in select theaters. Bruce and I also enjoyed the feature, but it is Mr. Holmes who gave it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️! So yes, it is a five star banger, and our audio and video review of Pleasure is below!

Sofia Kappel in “Pleasure” (Plattform-Produktion) – Courtesy of NEON

Sofia Kappel makes her screen debut as Bella, a young woman who moves from Sweden to Los Angeles. Her goal is to be the next big porn star, and her confidence and work ethic may get her to the top. Zelda Morrison is Joy, one of her roommates who gives her insighs on working in the adult industry. Evelyn Claire is Ava, a porn star who Bella views in an aspirational and competitive manner.

Our Pleasure review begins at the 20:26 mark:

One thing we did not mention during our podcast was that this is also Ninja Thyberg‘s feature directing debut. Both Thyberg and Kappel make for a great team, and Pleasure actually feels like a movie that was made by veterans.

You can also listen to the episode on Spotify:

Sofia Kappel and Zelda Morrison in “Pleasure” (Plattform-Produktion). Courtesy of NEON

A big strength of Pleasure lies in the ensemble, which features a diverse array of adult industry actors and directors. Although there are graphic scenes, none of this is executed for titilation. Rather, Thyberg’s narrative is an exploration of the porn worlds with an observational eye. With a self assured and emotionally raw performance by Kappel, Pleasure is an absolutely immersive experience. Locked in performances from co-stars Morrison and Claire also add to the film’s overall excellence.

Bruce Purkey gave it 4/5 and I went with 4.5/5 stars.

I’m glad Eric gave Pleasure five stars, and he actually rebutted Bruce’s critique that Bella’s character seemed a bit too “basic.”

Tell us what you think of Pleasure once you see it!

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