‘The Sadness’ (2021) Review – Horror Film Worth The Hype?

The Taipei shot horror film is now streaming on Shudder.


It is impossible to cram the amount of movies we watch on a given week. Now that our website is working and I’ve increased our Buzzsprout podcast plan, we will be giving much more movie coverage outside our weekly podcasts. Hosts Bruce Purkey and Eric Holmes dive right in for a review of The Sadness. Is it worth all that horror hype?

Tzu-Chiang Wang as Business Man, Regina Lei as Kat, Berant Zhu as Jim and Chi-Min Chou as Old Woman – The Sadness _ Key Art – Photo Credit: Fredrick Liu/Machi Xcelsior Studios/Shudder/AMC

Shot in Tapei, The Sadness centers on a young couple (Regina Lei, Berant Zhu) who are trying to reunite in a city ravaged by a plague. Its victims are transformed into bloodthirsty sadists, and the chances for human survival in the area is not looking promising.

Regina Lei as Kat and Johnny Wang as Businessman – The Sadness – Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Fredrick Liu/Machi Xcelsior Studios/Shudder/AMC

A big part of The Sadness discussion lies in its goriness. Some believe that the gore is too much to take. Eric Holmes, on the other hand, has a different take on the matter. It was Bruce Purkey’s idea to review The Sadness, which is now streaming on Shudder. You can catch their review below in Audio and Video form!

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