‘The Tank’ Blu-ray Giveaway From Well Go USA Entertainment

The Tank, now available on Digital, hits Blu-ray and DVD June 27.


Thanks again to Well Go USA Entertainment for hooking us up with these giveaways! This week, I have three Blu-rays of The Tank to give away. The Tank, now available on Digital, hits Blu-ray & DVD June 27. Giveaway details are below!

The Tank centers on Ben, a guy who comes into an unexpected inheritance. This abandoned coastal property sounds interesting, and Ben is wondering why his mom never mentioned the property. The years of secrecy are clear when the family accidentally frees the creature that has terrorized the area for generations!!

Matt Whelan in “The Tank” – Well Go USA Entertainment

Although its Rotten Tomatoes score is not too favorable, I am going to eventually watch The Tank since it is directed and penned by Scott Walker. Back in 2013 he penned and directed Nicolas Cage, John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens in The Frozen Ground. I remember liking that film and Hudges delivered a first rate performance. So the jury is out on The Tank, and the three winners of this giveaway will surely have their opinions!!

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The Tank, now available on Digital, hits Blu-ray & DVD June 27.

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