Find Your Film Podcast 51 Blu-ray Giveaway: ‘The Road Warrior’ And ‘Robocop’


This is my first giveaway to promote the Find Your Film podcast, so crossing my fingers this kinda works. I have 51 sealed Blu-rays that I purchased from Dollar Tree, and if you enter there is a great chance you will get one of these discs! Here is how to enter:

Hand painted Raising Cain from Pour Decisions By Carol:

Find Your Film is a weekly podcast hosted by Eric Holmes, Bruce Purkey, and myself. We give movie recommendations and every other week we do a director’s spotlight episode. Take a listen to our recent Brian De Palma episode as we review Femme Fatale and Raising Cain!

I am giving away 51 Blu-rays to cinephiles who complete at least one of the entries for the giveaway. 

  1. Rate/Review our Find Your Film podcast on iTunes

  2. Rate/Review Find Your Film podcast on Stitcher.

  3. Rate/Review CinemAddicts on Stitcher.

  4. If you complete one entry, you will get one of these 51 Blu-rays of your choice. If you complete all three, I will send you three discs of your choice!! First come first serve!!

  5. Once you make your entries, please email me at to confirm which steps you completed and give me your address! Most importantly, reserve the Blu-rays you want in order of preference!!

  6. This giveaway ends Saturday October 17 at 5 pm pt (if all 51 Blu-rays are gone, then obviously it ends sooner!!!).

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These Are The Blu-rays That Are Available (First Come First Serve!)

  1. The Road Warrior (2 Copies)

  2. The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

  3. Balls Out

  4. A Company Man

  5. Age of Heroes

  6. Outrage (2 Copies)

  7. The Bangbang Club (2 Copies)

  8. Beyond Skyline

  9. Bayou Cavier (2 copies)

  10. Life Itself (2 Copies)

  11. The ABCS of Death

  12. Scorched Hearth

  13. Going In Style (2 Copies)

  14. Merantau (3 Copies)

  15. Fist Fight

  16. We’re The Millers

  17. Good Neighbors

  18. Chips

  19. Compliance

  20. The Humanity Bureau

  21. Age of Heroes

  22. Drinking Buddies (2 copies)

  23. 2 Days In New York (2 copies)

  24. Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

  25. Kiss of the Damned

  26. The Benefactor (2 Copies)

  27. Stargate Atlantis Fans Choice

  28. City of Ghosts (2 Copies)

  29. Left Behind

  30. Robocop (Joel Kinnaman version)

  31. Dead Mine

  32. Big Bad Wolves (2 copies)

  33. Horrible Bosses 2

  34. Ironclad Battle For Blood

  35. Frontera

  36. Blood Money

  37. We’ll Never Have Paris

  38. Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz

Take a listen to the latest episode of Find Your Film as we review Possessor Uncut, Charm City Kings, and Theater of Blood.

Also just a reminder on my CinemAddicts YouTube channel I am offering up Blumhouse of Horrors 10 Movie Collection set. Giveaway ends October 11!!!

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