FYF Reviews: ‘Possessor Uncut,’ ‘Charm City Kings,’ ‘Theater of Blood,’ ‘Intensity’

Andrea Riseborough in “Possessor Uncut.” (NEON)
Bruce Purkey, Eric Holmes and I deliver a spoiler free review of Possessor Uncut, Brandon Cronenberg’s latest film, on the podcast. Plus Eric Holmes has an interesting DVD chain he wants to start with the feature Intensity! Full show notes/outline is below!

Andrea Riseborough in “Possessor Uncut.” (NEON)

Sign me up for any film starring Andrea Riseborough (Mandy), and she is great as a conflicted assassin in Possessor Uncut. Thanks to brain implant technology, Tasya Vos (Risebourough) can take control of a human being and use that vessell for her respective killings.

The latest body belongs Colin Tate (Christopher Abbott), but this time out possessing this person is not an easy task! Purkey really enjoyed this film, and though Holmes and I recommend this futuristic horror-thriller, we had a few critiques!

As for Eric Holmes’ plans to star up a DVD chain with the TV-movie Intensity (starring John C. McGinley and Molly Parker), check out the video below!!!

On a freaking whim Holmes decided to check out the 1985 flick Future-Kill, and he describes the feature as “trash.” I absolutely love Charm City Kings, and that movie is one reason to have HBO Max as a streaming service.

Email Eric Holmes (hamslime@gmail.com) for some Intensity!!!!!

Purkey is a total horror guy (even though he’s been dipping into animation a bit thanks to Satoshi Kon), so he gives the proverbial thumps up to Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror and Theater of Blood.

Kyle McFadden is a personal friend of the podcast and member of our CinemAddicts Facebook Group, and he co-directed (with Andrew Marson) the first rate thriller Iris. All three of us kept the review spoiler free, and all I am going to say is that the suspense/tension in this short is well executed. Lead actors Jon Bowden and Jaidan Jiron are entirely believable as individuals whose lives are entwined after a random encounter with a stranger. If you love visually arresting cinema, Iris is one film you need to track down!

Take a listen to the latest episode of Find Your Film below via our Libsyn media player. Show notes/outline are included!!

Find Your Film – October 7th Episode

:40 – Quick reflection on the Anthony Hoplins feature Magic.

1:25: Who is Edgler Vess? Hint: Dean Koontz gets some run in this episode!!

2:15 – I continue to disrespect Eric Holmes’ DVD gift of The Scalphunters but he remains awesome about it!

3:50 – I swear I’m going to see UNCLE PECKERHEAD!!

4:42 – Bruce Purkey wanted us to review Possessor Uncut so we complied!!! 

9:10 – Bruce talks about one of the plot misdirections of the film (it’s not a spoiler!)

10:26 – Eric compares Possessor Uncut to a really good episode of Black Mirror. He feels you can get rid of the first 20 minutes of the film.

14:41 – Warning – Possessor Uncut’s violence is “super visceral.”

17:41 – Sean Bean’s in this movie, so you probably know what’s up!!

18:15 – Eric loves the film’s special effects (he cites Raiders of the Lost Ark).

19:50 – My gut is that if I see Possessor Uncut another time, I would like it more (Eric feels the same way).

20:43 – Make sure to check out Bruce Purkey’s Movie Review channel Rustomire.

21:35 – “It’s a Brandon Cronenberg movie through and through.” – Eric Holmes

22:12 – Eric’s first pick is the 1985 feature Future-Kill

23:15 – 89 minute movie was like four hours for Eric Holmes when watching Future-Kill! The plot doesn’t make sense!!!

24:32 – Bruce Purkey references Silent Night Deadly Night 2!

28:15 – Purkey recommends the Indonesian feature The Queen of Black Magic (“fun, gross-out, over the top movie”)

31:30 – Purkey reviews the 10 minute short Bad Hair. This one should make you squirm! From the co-director of The Old Man The Movie.

33:40 – We review the short Iris which is co-directed by Kyle McFadden.

38:39 – Bruce references a Raymond Carver story and Deliverance when discussing Iris.

40:31- Bruce also references Leo Tolstoy . . . btw who is Tolstoy?

41:50 – I mention the Roger Deakins podcast Team Deakins

44:39 – Eric Holmes recommends the TV Movie Intensity and he has an interesting DVD chain letter he wants to start!!! The only way you can watch the movie is on DVD!!

54:12 – Bruce Purkey reviews Theater of Blood which he describes as an “awesome horror movie.” Movie is definitely worth a watch if you are a Shakespeare fan.

58:00 – I recommend the HBO Max series Charm City Kings!!

61:18 – Bruce’s last pick is Horror Noire: The History of Black Horror

64:16 – Eric Holmes chooses writer/director David Mamet for next week’s Director’s Spotlight.

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